Big Data and digitalization – Energy integration and sector coupling - flexibilities and storage



  • Real-time DECISION TOOLS for controlling energy consuming units intelligently for limited environmental impact, economic incentives and grid capacity constraints.

  • Center Denmark creates an INCUBATOR environment where we share knowledge, foster new ideas and develop new business models utilizing new technologies and dynamic taxes. The incubator environment is for start-ups and established companies, industry associations, public organizations, universities and funding and network partners etc.


  • SIMULATION ENVIRONMENT for new business models and technologies in a digital representation of the energy ecosystem utilizing dynamic tariffs and taxes.


  • TEST AND DEMONSTRATION in a representative real-life test environment with focus on demonstrating effect of energy system technologies as well as impact on environment, people and nature. Center Denmark will digitally connect Living Labs for scaling and establish new scalable micro-grid test and demonstration facilities.


Center Denmark

Center Denmark is a national platform that gather the industry around digitalization and integration of energy systems. The state-of-the-art digital platform is optimized for real-time capabilities and together with the Inkubator environment Center Denmark helps our partners fostering innovative new business models for the future digital integrated energy system.


We enter a new paradigm where the production of energy is fluctuating due to wind and solar, and therefore we need to intelligently match consumption accordingly to balance the grid. We use the term ‘Virtual Storage’ for the technique where consumption is moved in time to consume excess energy production – e.g. adding extra cooling in cooling houses, adding extra heat by heat pumps to the district heating system or starting up an industrial production line that are flexible. In that way we utilize flexibilities in the inherent system as storage.

The key is digital national platform that harvest big data across sectors and deliver artificial intelligence to generate decision tools for automatic control of physical installations in the energy systems.


Test & Demonstration

Digital technologies and business models are tested in representative real-life environments or simulated in the ecosystem, and thereby safeguards scalability nationally and even international.

The digital platform will use entire Denmark as a test zone and test across electricity, gas, heat & cooling, water & waste water to identify and utilize flexibilities within industry, manufacturing, buildings, climate control in private households etc.  



The target and ambition on a fossil free future depends to a high degree on our ability to make data intelligence available for new solutions that stimulate the behavioral change and new dynamics across the energy sectors, to fully utilize RE production capacity and storage capacities int the inherent systems. But it requires continued research to develop these competences in parallel with new regulatory frameworks.  

Become partner to support and benefit of the digital transformation of our energy sectors

Partners and stakeholders.

In collaboration between TSO’s, DSO’s, utility companies, industry organizations, cluster associations, universities, start-ups, SME’s and large commercial company partners we digitalize the energy sectors for the benefit of society and the green transition.

The location of Center Denmark in the Triangle region in Denmark is not only very central in Denmark but also a hotspot for tech companies within energy and digitalization. In the neighborhood is already Google, Energinet, Ørsted, Skærbækværket, Dansk Fjernvarme, EWII, TVIS, Fredericia Spildevand etc.  

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