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We offer an amazing mix of forefront digital technologies and green transition within the energy sector. Do you want to take technical lead in the development of a national digital platform supporting data driven solutions for the benefit of the environment? Then continue reading!

We will onboard two new colleagues on this job description!

Our vision is to accelerate the green transition towards 100 % renewable energy in DK through digitalization and sector coupling and thereby unlock flexibilities at all levels across energy systems!

A shift in paradigm

We are facing a need for Big Data in real-time to develop data driven solutions that can optimize and control energy consumption across electricity, district heating and water systems – so called sector coupling. For instance, by forecasting when to turn on heat-pumps for district heating, when to start and stop wastewater treatment, or when to charge electric vehicles and cut off freezers etc.

Not only will initiatives like this ensure that consumption of electricity can be moved towards times where the production is based on renewables and fossil energy is minimized, it will also make the grid more resilient during the ongoing electrification across systems through so called Peak Shaving and Demand Response systems.


You are not on your own!

You will onboard in parallel with one more new Developer peer in Center Denmark. The two of you will form the core platform team in Center Denmark going ahead. In Center Denmark we will be 6 employees in total with you on the team.

You will collaborate closely with a larger Platform Tribe with members across universities and energy companies all working with curiosity and enthusiasm finding the best software solutions and technologies for the national digital infrastructure for energy data. All Tribe members works directly on Center Denmark platform.

We are engaged in several project consortia’s where the biggest is the project Flexible Energy Denmark (FED-project: Here you will play a key role in the project organization centered around the Data Platform.


How we do it

We have deployed first version of our Data Lake that is designed and developed in co-operation with Aalborg University and DTU and based on open-source software from the Apache Hadoop stack. Physically it is currently running on our own servers using virtual machines.

Next step is to offer a Trusted Data Sharing Platform for the industry based on the Data Lake and the already existing streaming of data. We shall continue development on our middleware that connects a wide range of digital tools and interfaces. Some tools will be developed on our own and others will be developed by universities and commercial partners where the source code is hosted external, but API and documentation are hosted on our platform. One internal application is our sandbox environment based on Zeppelin that shall make it as efficient and easy as possible for researchers and data scientists to perform analysis and create algorithms in they own restricted area at the platform. This includes finding a way to document meta-data for the incoming data so that users are not required to perform explorative analysis of the data before putting it to use. Other applications will make it possible to visualize the energy system in different spatiotemporal views and simulate interesting aspects of the datasets for forecasting and control using newest AI-technologies. These tools will be developed as part of FED-project and shall be deployed and hosted by Center Denmark.

The platform will be a foundation for supporting our partners in new data driven business models.


We need you on the team to:

Center Denmark is responsible of providing a digital infrastructure for setting data free in a Trusted Data Sharing Platform for the green transition in the energy sector. And we need you and your developer peer to:

  • Make architectural decisions and scout for the best technologies to use with a perspective on how the Trusted Data Sharing Platform will create most value for our users and partners
  • Keep our digital infrastructure fit for deploying coming generations of the Data Lake, e.g., preparing for scaling, and perform system integration between services within and with the data lake for smooth and secure operation
  • Full-Stack Development of our own software that connects all the layers from digital tools and datasets, a developer environment (Sandbox Environment) and front-end interface that e.g. can deliver user administration and functionality for giving consent to the use of data etc.
  • Maintain and run the Trusted Data Sharing Platform in production


It would be great if you have some of these qualifications

  • A degree in Computer Science, Information Sciences, Software Development, or related 
  • You can have several years of experience or maybe you are newly graduated. The most important is your technical skillsets, your personality, and your capability and motivation to acquire new competences and technologies 
  • You have comprehensive knowledge of digital infrastructure and data management systems
  • You are experienced within the Apache Hadoop stack
  • You have good knowledge of Linux Systems Administrations (Redhat, CentOs)
  • Experienced in Docker based systems and comfortable managing Unix systems via SSH 
  • You have experience within CI/CD and use GIT for Source Control Management 
  • You have knowledge about scripting in e.g., Python, R or similar
  • You have knowledge of data engineering and ETL-tools
  • You may have knowledge of IoT and collection of sensor data and hardware-in-the-loop processes.
  • Good communication skills in both Danish and English


We offer you

  • Your workplace will be in the Digital Energy Hub in Fredericia where we are living side by side with other companies working within digital energy systems and organizations like Energy Cluster Denmark, Danish Technical University, South Danish University and Aalborg University.
  • The address is Vendersgade 74, 7000 Fredericia.
  • We live in a dynamic world where flexibility, also for a balanced living, is crucial for the good life. Salary package is negotiated on a fair level, and includes competitive pension saving, health insurance and other benefits like healthy quality food in the canteen, fruit arrangement, lots of coffee and not least fitness.


Can you feel ‘The WHY’?

‘The Why’ is inspired by Simon Sinek and in short, it is the core of what drives you and gives you a higher purpose and motivation of what you do every day.

You shall apply for this job if you are an amazing all round developer that feels motivated by big technical challenges with extreme environmental and economic potentials and you want to live out your innovative spirit in the cross field between digital technologies and energy systems.

Do you feel inspired by our vision of accelerating the green transition though digitalization?

And do you have the personal drive to do the right things and make a real impact in a young organization?

We are a start-up with all the pros and cons it brings. You will have a high share in decisions and are expected to take high degree of responsibility ranging from strategic to operational level.

You do not need prior knowledge of energy systems, but you need to be highly motivated to learn and build your competences within digitally integrated energy systems. And you need a commercial mindset supporting the translation between research results and commercial services and digital features for value adding user journeys on the platform.

If you can feel ‘The Why’ and the enthusiasm about our vision, we strongly urge you to apply for this position.


Apply now

Apply the position at Jobfinder - click here!

We look very much forward to get to know you, and value a thorough and proper process to make sure this will be the dream job for our new working peer. And if you have a competent working buddy, we urge you to share and recommend. We need two developers, so who knows, maybe both of you will onboard.

Deadline for applying is 10th of January. 1st round interviews are scheduled for week 3. 2nd round interviews are scheduled for week 4. We hope that we can make a starting date 1st of March 2021. But let’s see how it goes.  

The first part of the hiring process is handled by Jobfinder. Second part with interviews and tests is handled by Center Denmark and our recruitment consultant. If you have any questions in relation to the position, you can call Sara Nielsen, Recruitment Consultant at Jobfinder, on phone +45 28 59 78 00. You are also more than welcome to contact director of Center Denmark Søren Skov Bording on +45 23 40 86 12.

We treat all applications equally and urge everyone to apply regardless of nationality, cultural background, gender and age.


About Center Denmark

Center Denmark provides a Trusted Data Sharing Platform with focus on data intelligence and integrated energy systems for Identification and utilization of flexibilities on demand side across energy systems.

Center Denmark is an independent and non-profit organization working to promote development of digitally integrated energy systems in order to enhance society’s transition to renewable energy sources and reduce environmental impact. Center Denmark contributes to establishing a national framework to promote research, education, innovation & development, testing and demonstration in connection with the transition to a fossil-free green society, building the foundation for a Danish “Silicon Valley” of energy systems.

The members of Center Denmark’s Board of Directors are Associate Dean at Aalborg University Jakob Stoustrup, Associate Dean at Aarhus University Brian Vinter, Chief Consultant SDU Niels Langvad, Director of digitalization at Energinet Nicolaj Peulicke, CEO of Thorsen Invest Henrik Thorsen, CTO of HOFOR Bjarne Korshøj, CEO of Aalborg Forsyning Søren Gais Kjeldsen, Professor at DTU Henrik Madsen (deputy chairman) and CEO of EWII Lars Bonderup Bjørn (chairman).