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Organizational structure

Center Denmark is a fully independent and non-profit organization. Founding partners are EWII (danish DSO), Energinet (danish TSO), Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Southern Denmark University and Energy Cool



Center Denmark Fund

Center Denmark is a non-profit organisation working to promote development of digitally integrated energy systems in order to enhance society’s transition to renewable energy sources and reduce environmental impact. Center Denmark contributes to establishing a national framework to promote research, development, testing and demonstration in connection with the transition to a fossil-free green society, building the foundation for a Danish “Silicon Valley” of energy systems.  


Center Denmark is established in a fund structure where no one can withdraw money from the company – not even founding partners. Therefore, Center Denmark is fully non-profit and fully independent.

The holding company administrate two daughter companies. Center Denmark Ejendomme ApS will own the buildings etc. for Center Denmark. Center Denmark Drift ApS is where all technical activities are handled.

The board of directors are:

  • Chairman: Lars Bonderup Bjørn, CEO EWII
  • Deputy Chairman: Prof. Henrik Madsen, Head of Section DTU Compute
  • Søren Dupont Kristensen, CEO of Energinet Elsystemansvar (Danish TSO)
  • Niels Langvad, Senior Advisor at University of Southern Denmark
  • Jakob Stoustrup, Associate Dean at Aalborg University
  • Søren Rud Keiding, Associate Dean at Aarhus University
  • Henrik Thorsen, CEO of Energy Cool

Become partner to support and benefit of the digital transformation of our energy sectors

Partners and stakeholders.

In collaboration between TSO’s, DSO’s, utility companies, industry organizations, cluster associations, universities, start-ups, SME’s and large commercial company partners we digitalize the energy sectors for the benefit of society and the green transition.

The location of Center Denmark in the Triangle region in Denmark is not only very central in Denmark but also a hotspot for tech companies within energy and digitalization. In the neighborhood is already Google, Energinet, Ørsted, Skærbækværket, Dansk Fjernvarme, EWII, TVIS, Fredericia Spildevand etc.  

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