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Board Members

The organizations represented in the board has joined forces to establish Center Denmark as a neutral platform where universities, TSO, DSO's, public organizations and private companies can collaborate on accellerating the green transition through data intelligent solutions.

We need continuity in our research, to get higher effect of investments. Center Denmark platform is here to bridge research and market by embedding research results and offering value adding 24/7 services.

The organizations with right to appoint board members are: EWII, Energinet, Thorsen Invest ApS, DTU, SDU, AAU and AU. The board can appoint 2 - 3 more board members.
These organizations doesn't own Center Denmark, as Center Denmark is a self-owned organization. All partners of Center Denmark, whether they are part of the board or not, will have same access to technical content and thereby equal benefits and value creation. 

Independency: Board members are appointed by their respective organizations, or the board it-self, which regularly take part in development activities closely linked and anchored in the fund. The board is in general independent.

The board of directors are:



Lars Bonderup Bjørn


Gender: Male; Born: 1969

Joining the board: 20th december 2018, Appointed by EWII

Competences: CEO of multi utility company with comprehensive insight of the field

Other managerial posts: CEO of EWII S/I, Chaiman Dacapo A/S,board member of Energi Danmark, CLEAN and Teater Nordkraft

Henrikmadsen 3Vertikalt 520

Deputy Chairman

Prof. Henrik Madsen

Head of Section,
DTU Compute

Gender: Male; Born: 1955

Joining the board 20th december 2018, Appointed by DTU.

Head of Center for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems (since 2014) 

Head of DTU coordination board for intelligent energy systems (since 2013)

Head of DTU's Smart City board (since 2015)

Board member ENFOR

Member of Scientific Board for ESIPP (Ireland) 2015 -,  CESI (UK) 2016- og ZEN (N) 2017-

Subtask Leader for EERA Joint Program on Energy Systems Integration, 2015- 

Subtask Leader for IEA Annex 81, 2019- 

Scientific leader for a number of projects (FED, SCA, HEAT4.0, FlexCOOP)

Member of the board in INNO-SE (Smart Energy)

Member of steering group for the regional Data hub

Member of the board in HEATman project

Board member of IFAC committee on System Identification

Board member of International Initiative on Energy and AI

Board member of EERA JP ESI 

Nicolaj Peulicke

Nicolaj Nørgaard Peulicke

Director of digitization, Energinet (Danish TSO)

Gender: Male; Born: 1978

Joining the board 3rd January 2020, Appointed by Energinet

CDO in Energinet. Long experience with Business Development, Innovation and Digitalisation.

Other managerial posts:        

Board member at: AJOUR SYSTEM A/S, Energinet Forretningsservice A/S, Energinet Eltransmission A/S, Energinet DataHub A/S, Tokerød X - Innovation Hub ApS


Niels Langvad

Niels Langvad

Senior Advisor at University of Southern Denmark

Gender: Male; Born: 1957

Joining the board 1st november 2019, Appointed by University of southern Denmark

Experience with energy research in the context of public-private partnership. Past experiences from Innovation Fund Denmark and management positions in the industry.

Jakob Stoustrup

Prof. Jakob Stoustrup

Associate Dean at Aalborg University

Gender: Male; Born: 1962

Joining the board: 20th December 2018, Appointed by Aalborg University

Experience within energy related infrastructures; Experience within digital technologies and digital transformation; Research management experience

Board Member of Energy Cluster Denmark, House of Energy (Vice Chair); CLEAN, Green Hub Denmark, International Journal of Control, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control


Søren Rud Keiding

Associate Dean at Aarhus University

Appointed by Aarhus University

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Henrik Thorsen

CEO of Energy Cool

Gender: Male; Born: 1970

Joining the board 20th december 2018, Appointed by Thorsen Invest ApS

Co-founder of Center Denmark, Long experience in concept development and Startups. Mentor for entrepreneurs, speaker and passionate advocate for the green transition and sustainability. Great network in the industry and active in the steer co for the RE-DO summit.

Director and board member of Energy Cool ApS, Cooling partner ApS, Thorsen Invest ApS, Thorsen Holding ApS and Gudsøgård A/S

Bjarne Korshøj


Appointed by the board

Søren Gais Kjeldsen

CEO Aalborg Forsyning

Appointed by the board