Founding partners

The founding partners has joined forces to establish Center Denmark as a neutral platform where universities, TSO, DSO's, public organizations and private companies can collaborate on accellerating the green transition through data intelligent solutions.

We need continuity in our research, to get higher effect of investments. Center Denmark platform is here to bridge research and market by embedding research results and offering value adding 24/7 services.

Founding partners doesn't own Center Denmark, as it's a self-owned organization. All coming partners will have same and equal value creation and benefits.

The board of directors are



Lars Bonderup Bjørn


Henrikmadsen 3Vertikalt 520

Deputy Chairman

Prof. Henrik Madsen

Head of Section DTU Compute

Søren Dupont

Søren Dupont Kristensen

CEO of Energinet Elsystemansvar (Danish TSO)

Niels Langvad

Niels Langvad

Senior Advisor at University of Southern Denmark

Jakob Stoustrup

Prof. Jakob Stoustrup

Associate Dean at Aalborg University


Søren Rud Keiding

Associate Dean at Aarhus University

Unknown 1

Henrik Thorsen

CEO of Energy Cool