Student Worker as Data Scientist in Center Denmark 

Are you hooked on Data ScienceBig DataVisualization, simulation, and AI? And do you want to specialize within energy systems and the green transition? For the ambitious and talented candidate, we have the perfect match of the student worker position 


Job content 

As a student worker at Center Denmark, you will work on real-life data and cases from Living Labs. Together with the team, your tasks will be:  

  • Prepare automized scripts for cleansing of raw datasets  
  • Develop methodologies for anonymization and aggregation for specific purposes  
  • Visualization of datasets for our energy data cockpit  
  • Fetch data from various sources to correlate and refine our existing datasets  

You will take part in cases where we analyze potentials for the energy system in terms of:  

  • Take part in data science sprints with partners 
  • Verification of potential for energy flexibility in a sector coupled energy system  
  • Understanding of energy markets and specification of business cases  
  • Report writing for communicating what we do   

Focus can be on one or more cases within district heating, electricity, water/wastewater, and gas system. You will work together with the rest of the team in Center Denmark, partners from research projects like Flexible Energy Denmark (see, HEAT4.0 (district heating), and ARV (Smart buildings).  



We expect you hold the following hard skills 

  • Advanced level in Python for scripting automized cleansing processes  
  • Experienced in methodologies for anonymization techniques 
  • Experienced in fetching data through different types of APIs, MQTT feeds, etc.   
  • Maybe you even have experience in Data Lake and time-series databases 

… and these soft skills:  

  • Desire to collaborate in an informal but high performing team  
  • Always up for challenges outside your comfort zone  
  • Talent for learning new technologies  
  • Talent for analyzing and conceptualizing new models based on data  
  • Good communication skills in both Danish and English  

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To create the most value for both yourself and Center Denmark, we imagine you have just started up on your master's program in the field of data science. You will work with us in parallel with your studies and you will do your master thesis together with Center Denmark.  

We expect that you can work from the Center Denmark office two days a week. The workplace is the Digital Energy Hub, Vendersgade 747000 Fredericia. 

Salary based on standard level for student workers.  

If we find the right candidates, we will hire two student workers. 


Is this a cool student worker position for a data scientist? 

You are welcome to contact our existing student worker data scientists:  

You are also more than welcome to contact CEO Søren Skov Bording, 45 23 40 86 12 


About Center Denmark  

Center Denmark is a non-profit and independent company that provides digital infrastructure that supports players in the energy sector to develop new data-driven solutions that take advantage of opportunities in sector coupling and accelerate the green transition. 

The company has established the incubator (an innovative office community) Digital Energy Hub to stimulate companies and organizations in the ecosystem across energy supply types to develop new data-driven business models and products. 

The Digital Energy Hub ensures that the results of new research are made available and brought into play in the energy industry through the digital infrastructure. 

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