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Center Denmarks Data Platform, with extreme scale data for energy consumption and production, can be your foundation for new data driven services and business models. 

We can support you within:

  • Big data management – setting data free, and utilize accessible new data
  • AI-technologies such as Machine Learning and others
  • Smart Energy Systems and data intelligent services
  • Cyber security and robust systems
  • Software Architecture

Based on cutting edge research and newest technologies we can help you on your digital future.

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Your digital journey

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Analyze maturity level
Feature Engineering
Data Management
Visualization, simulation and control
Optimization (AI)
Validation and testing

Analyze maturity level

Analyze what digital competences you have in your organization today, and how can new digital capabilities support your business strategy.


Feature Engineering

Define your digital strategy and create a roadmap with well-defined digital features you wish to archieve in terms of meeting business goals.

This step gives you a clear view on what digital technologies you need to master and incorporate in your organization.


Data Management

Which data do you have access to already, and what other data do you need to develop and deliver your digital features?

In this process we identify data harvesting techniques and get into the details of you Data Management plan, cyber secruity and how you protect critical and GDPR-related data.

Data Management

Visualization, simulation and control

How should data be presented to create value in your daily decision making - and do you need simulation algorithms to support you? Also, simple control algorithms can be deployed in this step.

In this step we will identify UI/UX and techniques to present your data in a way to serve the purpose.

Future Technology

Optimization (AI)

Can AI, such as machine learning and deep neural networks support your daily processes and routines to deliver new solutions or save time in your daily workflow.

In this step we will support you with data science newest AI-technologies.



Speed is key, and you can save a lot of money by implementing automated routines that utilizes your new optimized algorithms.

In this step we will support on advanced control technologies based on optimization algorithms

Proces Steps

Validation and testing

Real life test environments will speed up your development cycles and safeguard scalability.

In this step we will support on thest and validation cycles. Sandboxing environment, pilot development and full journey implementation.

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Data Analysis

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