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Digital Energy Hub Denmark

Digital Energy Hub Denmark is an incubator environment where we foster new business models, products and services based on Center Denmarks Big Data platform for energy related data.

Data Analysis

Come join us in our technical inspiring environment

You can take part in this technical inspiring office and Hub environment. You get:

  • First hand access to new state-of-the-art research within digitalization and sector coupling
  • Daily sparring with universities, TSO, DSO’s, Cluster associations,, SME’s and large sized and puplic organizations and funds
  • Facilitated innovation sprints in collaboration with Energinet Open Door Lab.
  • Matchmaking facilitated by cluster organizations
  • Involvement in R&D, test and demonstrations projects in real-life environments
  • Access to technical events conducted and hosted by Center Denmark
  • Access to Center Denmark Energy Data Cockpit, for simulation and visualization of the ecosystem

Contact to onboard

If you work within digitalization and energy, you have the opportunity of renting an office space, either as dynamic desks or fixed desks. 
As part of the Digital Energy Innovation Hub, you will get access to facilities as Energy Cockpit for visualization of energy data and simulation environment. You will have access to meeting rooms, conference facilities, wifi, canteen, reception etc.

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