11486 Center Danmark 016

Digital Energy Hub is established to stimulate businesses and organizations across the utilities sector.


Our goal is to accelerate the green transition and ensure a reliable and stable energy supply with new digital solutions.

There are many benefits to being part of our innovative office/hub environment:

  • We have been named the 'Digital Innovation Hub' by the European Commission.
  • Opportunity to access the Trusted Data Sharing Platform with all the innovative new digital tools from research to visualization, simulation and control.
  • Get access to Uni-Lab.dk, where new solutions and products can be tested in real environments: representative and scalable.
  • Daily network with other partners in Center Denmark: Energy Cluster Denmark, universities, Energinet (TSO) and DSOs, start-ups, small to large companies and public organizations.
    Participate in light innovation processes in collaboration with DSOs and TSOs - e.g. Open Door Lab workshops.
  • Get close to matchmaking processes promoted by Energy Cluster Denmark.
  • Participate in new R & D and technology projects based on data-driven innovation.
  • Participate in technically inspiring events organized by Center Denmark.

Facilities and benefits

The desk space

  • Adjustable tables, office chairs, bookcase/partition
  • Power and Wi-Fi


Facilities in the office area

  • Access to Center Denmark Energy's Cockpit room
  • Showroom in the entrance where you can show your services, products and projects
  • 3 meeting rooms at the address
  • Direct connection to the meeting center with a further 8 meeting rooms and a lounge area
    Meeting rooms from 6 to 32 people
  • Printer and scanner compartments
  • 2 toilets and cloakroom area
  • Small kitchen area with common living room, where we meet for networking and knowledge sharing
  • Staffed reception and waiting area for visitors
  • Canteen area that can also be booked for events (Additional fee for use of the canteen)
  • Possibility of parking in the nearby parking lot

Benefits included

  • The possibility of catering from the canteen to bring home-cooked meals
  • Caretaker; plants and building, cleaning
  • Monthly payment and only one month's notice

Price for rental

Rental model, project seats: DKK 2,500 per month
Frequency: 2 days a week
Flexible use - Shared seats

Rental model, fixed seat: DKK 3,500 per month
Frequency: Full time - Fixed seat

One-time payment for establishment: DKK 10,000 per seat