Services for utility companies

Are you part of a utility company and looking for solutions to optimize data management and energy supply?
Center Denmark offers a variety of services to Danish utility companies that are designed to provide access to, process, refine and analyse utility data. Through our expertise, our services support utility companies with advanced data and analytics technologies.
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- The data infrastructure 
- API-integration
- Dashboards 
- The energy map 
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Our Data Infrastructure

Center Denmark has developed a data infrastructure that smoothly and efficiently exchanges data across utility companies, businesses, research institutions, and authorities. The process involves collecting, cleansing, refining, and displaying large volumes of data on energy consumption and production in Denmark.

With our data infrastructure, utility companies no longer need to create individual data structures for each data-sharing scenario. We offer a common data model for data display across the entire sector. This reduces complexity and standardizes data exchange processes, ultimately optimizing resource utilization throughout the utility sector.


Center Denmark offers various options for API access, providing utility companies with in-depth technical insights into their own cleansed and enriched data. By using business intelligence tools, companies can leverage this data to enhance their analyses and decision-making. 

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Dashboards from district heating and electricity 

Center Denmark has developed interactive dashboards that provide detailed visual overviews of specific geographical areas at any given time.

Our dashboards offer insights into consumption patterns, helping to optimize utility operations and plan expansions. They display data on district heating, electricity, grid load, and connections, which are essential for efficient operations and sustainable energy use.

Dashboard - Electricity

Dashboard - District heating

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The energy map - the visual energy tool 

Our energy map is a visual tool that illustrates the dynamics of Denmark's energy supply, covering electricity, district heating, gas, water supply, and Power-to-X. It also provides insights into planned expansions or changes in the grid.

The energy map's insights are available to citizens, utility companies, businesses, and authorities. In the near future, it will also enable tracking of the CO2 emissions accounts of Danish municipalities.

Learn more about the energy map here: