Services for businesses 

Center Denmark offers a range of services designed to support businesses in the utility sector. We provide training data, develop and test algorithms on utility data, and facilitate the testing of digital services in operational environments. Additionally, we drive innovation processes through the Digital Energy Hub, helping businesses create and refine products that contribute to the green transition of the energy and utility sectors.


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- Training data for businesses 

- Development and testing of algorithms on utility data

- Testing digital services in operational environments

- Innovation processes in Digital Energy Hub

We provide training data for businesses

Center Denmark has developed a range of tools to anonymize data using advanced methods tailored to specific needs. Our focus is on balancing usability and anonymization, ensuring the delivery of high-quality utility data enriched with weather data, building data, market data, topological data, and more. This anonymized training data is suitable for use in innovation sprints or by businesses developing new algorithms or adapting existing ones.


See all our datasets and how to access them here:

Center Denmark's data portal 

We develop and test algorithms on utility data

Center Denmark can release relevant utility data to businesses as instructed by the utility companies on our platform. This provides utility companies with insights into how their data can be utilized and the potential products businesses can create. Businesses can demonstrate the value of their existing products, develop new algorithms, and potentially build new services for utility companies.

See all our datasets and how to access them here:

Center Denmark's data portal 

Testing Digital Services in Operational Environments

Center Denmark offers a streaming service that facilitates data exchange between utility companies' SCADA systems and business products. This enables businesses to receive operational data and provide enriched analyses back to the systems, such as forecasts for operational parameters or control suggestions. Our independent streaming infrastructure connects utility companies' operational systems with businesses developing AI solutions, allowing utility companies to test and implement digital services and businesses to validate their products in real-world environments.

Examples include temperature optimization at district heating stations, dynamic rating of transformer stations in the electrical grid, and flow optimization at water stations.

Innovation Processes in Digital Energy Hub

As part of the Digital Energy Hub project, Center Denmark facilitates the integration of training data into innovation processes aimed at developing new digital products for the utility sector. Strategic partners, who have identified the digital challenges to be addressed, lead these processes.

In these innovation processes, businesses receive relevant data to test and refine their existing products to meet the needs of the strategic partners and the industry at large. The focus is on developing business models that ensure the deployment of these products, contributing to the green transition of the energy and utility sectors.

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Digital Energy Hub