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Data for the development of new digital solutions

Center Denmark's data platform is data on an extreme scale of energy consumption and production, and can become your foundation for new data-driven services and business models.

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With access to our data platform we offer you:

  • Big data management - release data, and use available new data
  • AI technologies such as machine learning etc.
  • Smart Energy Systems and data intelligent services
  • Cyber ​​security and robust systems
  • Software Architecture

How does the data platform work?

1. Energy data is collected

The data platform harvests data across the energy sector. Data can, for example, show consumer behavior on water, heat and electricity.

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2. Data Analyzed

Data is selected and released so that you get the most relevant data for your project or product. Center Denmark possesses the latest technologies to analyze and utilize data in the best possible way, eg AI technologies or other intelligent data services.

Dataplatformen Analyse

3. Business development with unique data

The data platform provides an isolated testing environment where service providers and other commercial companies can develop, test and demonstrate their services and products.

The commercial partners can use the data platform to run their services, or they can choose to migrate their solution to their own servers when it is market ready.

Digital technologies and business models can thus be tested in representative real-world environments or simulated in the test environment, thus ensuring scalability nationally and even internationally.

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