Our Services

We offer customized data solutions and expertise to utility companies, businesses, authorities, and research institutions. Explore our services below and learn more about how we can help you leverage valuable data to optimize processes, support decision-making, and advance research.
Center Denmark Raedgivning4

For utility companies

We support utility companies in building and implementing data infrastructure through our data platform. This provides them with access to cleansed and enriched data for analysis, processing, and display.

Center Denmark Bliv Partner

For businesses

We offer a data streaming service that enables businesses to receive operational data directly from utility companies. We support the development and testing of digital services and algorithms in secure operational environments, helping businesses optimize processes based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Center Denmark Projekter

For authorities

We provide our expertise and insights in the collection and display of utility data to public authorities. We are involved in national and international projects, where we contribute with data, technology, and know-how to support decision-making processes and policy development.

Center Denmark Raedgivning2

For research institutions

We ensure easy and secure access to various types of data, such as utility, weather, and building data, for academic institutions. This enables researchers and students to focus on developing use cases and applying data without the need to build their own data platforms for each new project.