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Join our mission to take the green transition in Denmark and Europe to the next level through digitization and integration of energy systems.

We are a dynamic team with a pure start-up DNA. We bring research to life by bringing the latest knowledge about digital solutions available and application to the energy industry.

If your dream job is not on the list, you are always welcome to send an unsolicited application to soren@centerdenmark.com or call director Søren Skov Bording on +45 23 40 86 12.



At Center Denmark, we know that our employees are our greatest strength, and without them, we wouldn't be where we are today. Therefore, it is important to us that our employees are happy and satisfied. As an employee at Center Denmark, you will receive:

  • Work phone and computer
  • Sports subscription
  • Health insurance
  • Home internet connection
  • Canteen arrangement
  • Parking space
  • Free fruit, coffee, and breakfast once a week
  • Friday bar (with non-alcoholic alternatives)
  • 30 minutes of paid physical activity per day


Research shows that there are significant benefits to walking while having conversations. Firstly, there's the physical aspect, where we exercise our muscles and improve our ability to absorb oxygen into the bloodstream, resulting in better physical fitness. Additionally, there's the physiological aspect, where we release endorphins and the more we walk, the greater the effect. The last aspect is psychological. Our creativity increases by up to 60% when we walk, and this also impacts the rest of our workday.

Every day at 12:00, we have 30 minutes of physical activity, paid by Center Denmark. During this half-hour, we engage in Walk-and-Talk, where we take a walk along the waterfront, into the city, or on the ramparts. If you prefer to exercise in the office, that is also an option.

Prime Location

You can find Center Denmark's office in the heart of the Triangle Area, in the sustainable canal city of Fredericia. It is a city that is currently undergoing a significant transformation from an industrial town to a knowledge-based city, with a focus on housing, business, commerce, experiences, and energy.

Center Denmark rents office space in the co-working community of Porthouse, which boasts the best location in Fredericia, right by the Lillebælt strait. Here, we are situated close to both the highway network and the local train station, serving as a national connection point to the entire Denmark. Additionally, we are in proximity to partners such as ADP, Energy Cluster Denmark, and Triangle Energy Alliance. As part of Porthouse, we do not only have access to office spaces, meeting rooms, and a fitness facility but also to the beautiful Rooftop with a view overlooking the water

A Healthy Work Life

As an employee at Center Denmark, your health is important to us, and making healthy choices should not be difficult. That is why Center Denmark offers various healthy alternatives in addition to daily walks and conversations. In the cafeteria, you can choose from both vegetarian and vegan dishes, and fruit is provided to enjoy at the office.

Center Denmark also offers free fitness opportunities during leisure time and has agreements with Fitness World, among others. Additionally, there is an option to obtain membership at specialty clubs.