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Center Denmark is a partner in the Interreg North Sea-funded initiative COPPER - Cities for Open and Participative Planning for Electricity grid Resilience

To prepare Europe’s local authorities to coordinate local energy systems, Center Denmark has joined a European-wide alliance of frontrunner municipalities, businesses, research organisations and DSO representatives to test Europe’s first wave of Local Energy Action Plans (LEAPs).

Funded by the Interreg North Sea programme, the COPPER initiative is the first Europe-wide collaboration to demonstrate LEAPs, a bundle of techniques and activities that will enable local authorities to drive locally-powered cities. 

From 2023 - 2027, COPPER will:

  • Deliver six first-of-a-kind pilots for local authority-led energy planning, from logistic parks to electric vehicle (EV) fleets to entire neighbourhoods.
  • Explore ways that Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and local authorities can work together to build a local energy system of storage and flexibility technologies, policies, market incentives and collaborations to help locally-powered cities thrive.
  • Build data models and other tools to boost local authority’s capacity to understand and steer their local energy system

As part of the project, Center Denmark is collaborating with AAU and Fredericia Municipality to create a digital pilot to test different scenario's on Fredericia's electricity grid. 

Duration: 10/2023 - 10/2027

Coordinator: City of Ghent

Partners 16

Countries: 5

Funding Scheme: Interreg

Budget:  Total budget: 38 mio. DKK / CDK budget: 1,9 mio. DKK

Demo Sites: Dordrecht (The Netherlands), Bremen (Germany), Frecericia (Denmark), Varberg (Sweden), Ghent & Antwerp (Belgium)


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Learn more about COPPER here, and follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed about the COPPER project. Please address questions to

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