Center Denmark Dataplatform

The data platform receives daily energy consumption and production data from more than 200.000 Danish households

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Center Denmark's data platform is data on an extreme scale of energy consumption and production, and can become your foundation for new data-driven services and business models.

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Center Denmark's data platform provides access to:

  1. Electricity data from more than 200.000 addresses in Århus, the Triangle Region and Ringkøbing-Skjern. In regards to the Triangle Region, this also includes water and heating data.

  2. A variety of open access data sources, like weather- , BBR- and Market data.

  3. A supply of data from Living Labs (in Aalborg, Høje-Taastrup, the Triangle Region and Esbjerg). As well as data on heating, indoor climate and power quality measurements from transformer stations.

  4. An assortment of different meter readings in intervals of daily, hourly, each 15. min. and each second.