Cool Data Datacenter

Cool Data

The Cool Data project aims to develop a flexible cooling and storage system, powered by artificial intelligence, for small and medium-sized data centers with up to 500 servers. The system stores renewable energy when there is plenty of it while allowing surplus heat from the servers to be used for district heating. Center Denmark's platform enables the project partners to test and demonstrate the project solutions and also hosts the research models and software.

Acronym: Cool Data

Participants: 8 participants

Duration: 3 years, kick-off Sep 2020

Funding: Funded by Danish Innovation Fund with 13 mil DKK and a total budget of 18.3 mil DKK.

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Flexible Energy Denmark

Center Denmark is a key partner in the Flexible Energy Denmark project. The project focus on digitalization and making energy consumption flexible. Digital solutions will unlock flexibilities in the Living Labs. In the project the basic principles of a data lake with AI-tools and solutions for the participating Living Labs are developed.

Acronym: FED

Participants: 28 participants

Duration: 4 year, kick-off April 2019

Funding: Funded by Danish Innovation Fund with 30 mio DKK and a total budget of 44 mio DKK.

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TOP-down energy projects as catalysts for bottom-UP local energy initiatives.

Funded by ERA-Net and Innovation Fund Denmark

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CITIES is a running project and the Center Denmark platform will host many of the solutions.

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The Centre is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark



Energiproduktionen fra sol og vind stiger og falder mere end traditionelle energikilder, da vejrforholdene skifter.

I takt med at der i fremtiden skal integreres mere vedvarende energi, vil effekten af den fluktuerende produktion stige betydeligt. Det udfordrer både forsyningssikkerheden og stabiliteten i energiforsyningen.

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Ebalance Plus Electric Line Cables Electricity Scaled

E Balance Plus

Ebalanceplus project aims to increase energy flexibility of distribution grids with enhanced prediction algorithms, test new business models to increase market participation, support energy prosumers and electric operators with tailored end-user’s interfaces.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°864283

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The EU green deal proposes an ‘energy renovation wave’ of the EU's public and private building stock that requires the Nordics in particular, with its cold climate, to commit to massive private investment. The necessary investments, though profitable on paper, are not being carried out, causing the so-called "energy efficiency gap". The  Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgages Hub aims therefore to solve this issue by promoting energy renovations of building stock in the Nordics.

Center Denmark will take part in the NEEM Initiative along with experts from the financial sector, mortgage specialists, behavioral scientists, and authorities on digital technologies from all across the Nordics but also at European level, all under the coordination of Copenhagen Economics.

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